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Spend Your Time In Your Pool, Not On It

Who doesn't love the beautiful summer days around the pool? Family laughing and splashing, little ones creating memories you will cherish forever or grilling and entertaining guests on those late afternoon sunsets. The pool is a place of peace and relaxation, yet also the center of friend and family gatherings. We, here at Elite, invest ourselves to make sure those times are seamless. Our passion and resolve for your paradise, ensure you will no longer have to worry about the struggles pool and spa owners are frequently required to maintain. We strive to keep your oasis pristine, so the only time you need to spend is in your pool, not on it.

Quick, Reliable Service

Our services are tailored to your needs. We work with your schedule to ensure your expectations are fulfilled whenever you see fit. We pride ourselves on our response to Pool and/or Spa emergencies. We accommodate those who prefer cleanings and services at specific times


Life Can Be Stressful Enough

One unique aspect of our company, is offsite chemical storage. Some of us have the worry of storing volatile and dangerous chemicals, which are fundamental in pool cleaning and maintenance. We offer the opportunity to avoid the fear and responsibility of properly storing chemicals away from children, animals, possible theft, etc. Contact us today to inquire about our offsite program.


Precise Chemical Testing

Dipstick tests are the most commonly used testing equipment in use today. However, at Elite, we like to take it a step further. We utilize the most advanced pool testing equipment on the market. We bring the lab to your poolside to determine your exact chemical levels in mere seconds. You have the option to have your chemical readouts, and what was performed to ensure your pool received the appropriate remediations, sent directly to you after every service. One more way we keep our services above the standard.


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